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What in the World are we Doing??

There is a desire to escape from the present realities that we face in this Covid-19 world. We feel an unmistakable pull to depart from society and all of its trappings and head for the hills! This is our concept for bringing fellow "nomads" together while we are apart. We have done over a year of preparation, viewing videos, reading blogs and scouring the internet and have tried our very best to create an "online rest stop" for all things Nomad/Van Life.

This is not another channel or blog to follow our travels, because we want to escape without the pressure of putting up another video or adding to a blog post. Most of our work will be done before we start our journey so we can enjoy our semi-retirement and truly relax! We want this web page to be a connection for all who wander - a place where meetups can be scheduled, tips and tricks can be shared, and the meeting place of an online community of nomads who share the same passion for life.


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