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The Build...

We started out on February 21st, 2021 by taking

Facebook ad that caught our attention.
Facebook Ad that caught our attention.

a look at 2003 Ford E250 passenger van certain that it would be THE van for us...but after 30 minutes of waiting for the owner to charge the batteries and viewing an assortment of other rust issues...we walked away. As we were waiting, I happened to check out Facebook marketplace and saw a new listing for a 1981 Dodge Ram Royal Camper Van. We decided to take a look as it wasn't far from our first viewing.

1981 Dodge Ram Camper Van
The van - first sighting!

This is the first pic of the van as it sat in the back alley...a quick drive and tour in town let us know we had found our vehicle! It had everything we never knew we were looking for - plus - we could stand up while moving about the van!

We weren't sure about some of the interior pieces - the fridge and the stove had seen better days, and the propane tank under the van would need to be replaced - but the price was right and we took it home! Selling price - $4300.00 CAD.

The van was a true 80's time capsule - complete with the orange shag carpet over the wheel wells! Zoinks! That was the inspiration for the initial name of Shaggy - but - it has since transformed and may need a new name!

We began initial renovations on a particularly cold February 27th, 2021. We were going to remove some of the basic interior and keep the footprint very similar...

Van Interior after tearing everything out.
The initial teardown

As you can see - we decided to go with a totally new look. We worked on removing all of the brown paneling and added more insulation behind the walls.

From there, we continued work every weekend and bit by bit we were able to renovate the entire feel of the 80's van. We were continuously under the watchful eye of our demanding boss - Coco.

It is April 11, 2021 - and we have the van now to a point where the major renovations are done. Ron will determine what else needs to be done from a mechanical standpoint and she will be ready to take us on journeys this summer!! The favorite part of the build at this point - the swinging wicker Egg Chair!!

That's all for now everyone! Keep checking out our Instagram as we update that weekly!!

Take Care and Wander Aimlessly Together!!!


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